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The EcoMaya Festival started in 1995 when Guatemalan born Julio Santizo –a Mayan history buff and a true believer of Green Environments– decided, with a group of volunteers, to celebrate Mother Earth by having a day in her honor while, at the same time, promoting the Mayan history and its culture though workshops, art displays, music, and  dance.

Since the combination seem to be a perfect match –teaching how and why we need to work together to protect the environment– and educating the visitors on the best-known of the classical civilizations,

The Mayas of Mesoamerica who also were skilled farmers, the first event, now affectionately known as EcoMaya I, was held on April 22, 1994, at the Great Photography Center. The original festival lasted only 5 hours, but it entertained over 300 people.The success of that humble affair led to EcoMaya II, an event held at Barnsdall Park, on Hollywood Boulevard. Attended by more than 5,000 people of all ages, it lasted two glorious days.

EcoMaya III was held, again, at Barnsdall Park. That time, the attendance grew to 12,000.Year after year, The EcoMaya Festival has grown in importance and has become one of the most important FREE events in the City.

This year, thanks to its sponsors, patrons, vendors and hosts, The Vermont Community Land Trust and the City of Los Angeles, the EcoMaya Festival will have the opportunity, once again, to present some great entertainment (as listed in our Act Page) as well as food vendors specializing in tasty dishes from historical ancient Mayan territories: Southern Mexico, Oaxaca, Yucatán, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

We may also have the opportunity to offer our attendees photographic and art exhibits, artisan crafts, literary and historical workshops,  poetry presentations as well as children's activity centers and play zones.Now, in our 19th year, the EcoMaya Festival would like to thank all of those that have helped us in the past and are helping us now to “Connect the Environment with the Mayan Culture and Heritage.”

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